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Goalie Clinics

April 28, 2013
Box Lacrosse Goalie Clinics are now set for the end of April for New (New and younger players) and Returning goalies.

This year, the clinic will be divided into two days, but both will be held at Shannon Park Arena, Dartmouth. Details are on LNSS calendar:

Clinic - New Goalies
April 28th
11:45am Registration/Check-in
12:00pm Pre-Practice session
1:00pm On-floor Seesion
3:00pm End

Clinic - Returning Goalies
April 29th
6:45pm Registration/Check-in
7:00-10:00pm Clinic

Goalies will require full gear which they should coordinate through their Club.
Goalies should wear comfortable clothing to participate in warm-ups and then into goalie gear.
The cost of the clinic is $35, but check with your local Club as most pick up the cost.