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The following 12 areas have been identified as necessary qualities for lacrosse officials to possess. The key is to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. 

Rule Knowledge

Every official is capable of good working knowledge of the rules.

Takes time and effort.

Necessary to advance in levels.

You don't want to find yourself in a situation where players, coaches or fans are questioning you and you don't have an answer! A strong knowledge of the rules lends to an official's credibility.


Officials conditioning should be related to the level of lacrosse they are working.

Officials should spend as much time getting fit as the level of players they are working.

Appearance and Presence

When you show up to the rink to officiate a game you should look respectable. Also on the floor you have to look clean and crisp. This means clean pants and shirt and also black shoes with clean white laces.

First impressions can help or hurt your game.

Presence - the way you carry and handle yourself; act professional and you will get respect.


Should be related to the level of lacrosse working.

Always work to improve.


Proper positioning enhances an official’s performance.

Work hard and practice to make it second nature.


Used to communicate with everyone, essential that you use the standard, correct signals.

Proper use will signal confidence and competence and add to professionalism.


Learn the procedures as second nature. They will guide your game.

Proper execution shows confidence and competence.


A good attitude is essential to development.

Demonstrated through hustle, enthusiasm and determination not showboating.

This will also show everyone else in the arena that you mean business and that even if they don't respect your calls at least you are giving a solid effort.

Reaction to Pressure

Have the courage to make the "tough call".

Remain cool in a tough situation, things will be easier.

Remember that the higher the level, the more there is at stake. This in turn means more pressure situations. If you want to progress, learn to deal with it!

Rapport and Communication

Communication is essential – with partners, players and coaches.

Establishing good communication early can make tough situations easier to deal with.

Also you must be able to accept and give criticism. Having good communication skills makes this a constructive process

Feel for the Game

Knowing what penalty to call and when to establish a standard and maintain control and flow of the game.

Takes time to develop, watch other senior officials and how they work.


Judgment - when and where to draw the line.

Consistency - consistently apply judgment.

Standard - set the standard from start of game.